Sunday, July 8, 2007

Daylight Savings... Friend or Foe?

I love 8 o'clock. Lately it has been a really fun time for me. It used to be that I watched and waited and begged for 7 o'clock (bedtime) and then when the kids were finally in bed, the rest of the night just kinda slipped away in a state of relaxation, recovery and avoidance of actually going to bed myself because that meant defeat. It meant the next time I would be conscience again the craziness would have started all over and it would be twleve or so more hours before the next 7pm!
Well, I still anxiously await the beloved 7pm, but things have changed sightly in the MacDiarmid routine. You see, I love summer dearly, even in 100 degree heat, it's still my favorite time of year. But along with warm weather and swimming and frappacinos, summer also brings something else into our lives; more daylight. which means 7:00pm might as well be noon when your considering how light it is outside. This is a very confusing concept for my inquisitive two year old who makes a point to note whether the sun or the moon is up every single time we're on a car ride and then adds to her observation the conclusion "That means it's nighttime" (or get the idea). Anyway, 7 o'clock was no longer translating as sleepytime.
We decided this was somewhat fair since most parents I tell that my kids go to bed at 7 look at me like Im Hitler anyway. But Ryan and I simply were not willing to part with our glorious alone time that begun promptly at 7 each night and allowed us to regroup, look at eachother and actually TALK...
Thus was birthed, a new plan! Macy now gets all ready for bed at the same time but when Carter goes down she just has her quiet time. She stays on her bed but she can read books or play with a toy quietly or sing (one of her favorites...)for the next hour as long as she doesnt get out of bed. Then at 8 Ryan or I go in and do our little night routine, turn out the light and it's off to dreamland!
This has been WONDERFUL! Macy thinks it's a special treat cuz she's up later than Carter, and I have enjoyed the "tucking her in" time soooo much more lately I actually WANT to be the one to go in at 8. At 7 I was rushing through, but that hour gives me just enough time to unwind and enjoy the silence, by 8 I am always in the best mood! I am so up for snuggling and singing and praying and breathing in these precious moments with my baby girl that I know will be gone too quickly.
Sooo.. in conclusion, 8 o'clock has now become my favorite time of day, and daylight savings is no longer my enemy.